Herbals and Fruits

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This selection is a really great alternative for those times you want a flavoursome drink without the caffeine.  Read more about herbal and fruit blends further down the page along with suggestions to help guide you choose the perfect flavour.
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A Small Note On Herbal And Fruit Blends:

Also referred to as Tisanes this style of beverage is not derived from the leaf of the camellia sinensis plant and so technically does not fall into the category of tea. Because our selection does not contain any tea leaf it is caffeine free.

Which Herbals & Fruits Are You Looking For?

Another way of looking at the range is by blend profile. They can be grouped as follows:

Fruit Blends: Crimson BerryHeavenly LemonBlood OrangeGinger LemonApple PieRosie Plum (1% almond), Fig & Rose (contains nuts).

Herbal Blends: Spiced RooibosPeppy MintChocolate Mint RooibosGinger LemonYoga Flow.

Chamomile Selection: Chamomile Garden or pure Chamomile Flower.

Pure Rooibos: Organically grown Green Rooibos or Red Rooibos.  

Rooibos Blends: If you prefer rooibos as a background component then consider trying some of our other blends that contain rooibos in varying degrees including – Spiced RooibosBlood OrangeCrimson BerryHeavenly Lemon, and All Day Rooibos. If you generally do not enjoy straight rooibos please do not be put off.  The way that we use it as a base layer means you get the goodness of rooibos without it dominating the flavour.
Iced Tea: A number of these blends are perfect as an iced tea base. Read our hints and tips for icing here.