Rooibos - Pure Red Rooibos

Rooibos - Pure Red Rooibos
  • Rooibos - Pure Red Rooibos

This organically grown red rooibos from South Africa brews a copper colour liquor with a depth of flavour, natural sweetness and smooth feel in the mouth.  The taste experience is very layered and can include light earthy flavours with hints of vanilla and even very subtle strawberry or rhubarb notes.  Caffeine free, this drink also makes a great iced tea or latte base.


Ingredients: Organically grown - Coarse cut red rooibos.  


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A little more about this caffeine free drink ...

Our herbal and fruits blends make the perfect base for an iced tea or mocktail.  They are also a popular drink for  younger members of the household to enjoy preparing and drinking.  Read our hints on how to brew the perfect iced tea.

Curious to learn more about rooibos?

Read more about its rich history here.

More than just a beverage - what science tells us

You may have heard the terms rooibos and antioxidants often used in the same sentence, read more about what the science says here

The Red Umbrella means it is part of our Herbals and Fruits range

We use five different coloured umbrellas within our range to help you easily identify the different categories of tea and tisanes that we offer.  Read more about the umbrella connection to tea leaf here.


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