The connection between umbrellas and the Stir Tea range

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When we set about creating the Stir Tea range in 2008 we quickly arrived at the decision to use an umbrella for our logo. We felt it offered the perfect balance between so many elements essential to tea - form, function,craftsmanship, design and sheer beauty. Here are those reasons in a little more detail.  


The strong connection to the origins of tea: 

 - Umbrellas originated in China the birthplace of tea.  

-  Umbrellas are a very common sight in tea gardens throughout the world, used by the tea workers for protection from the sun and rain.


The form and function which we also felt closely connected it to tea:

-  The traditional design of an umbrella has stood the test of time. Just like tea they have been present in households for centuries.

 - We admire the form of the umbrella which we think is pure and beautifully balanced. We feel the same when we look at tea leaves.

-  Sheltered from the elements under an umbrella you feel protected. This feeling translates to enjoying a cup of tea.

and finally, we think an umbrella is exceptionally pleasing to look at and surround yourself with (yes you guessed it we feel the same about tea).


Our umbrella colours represent each category of tea we offer and we hope make it easy for you to navigate the range: 

  • Blue umbrellas for Black Tea Blends
  • Brown umbrellas for Single Estate Black Teas
  • Green umbrellas for Green Tea
  • White umbrellas for White Tea
  • Red umbrella for Caffeine Free Herbals & Fruits

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