White Tea

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In the mood for a more contemporary take on the pure white tea leaf then look to our beautiful blends. Read more about what makes a white tea further down the page along with suggestions to help guide you choose the perfect flavour.
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A Small Note On What Makes A White Tea:

White Tea is the rarest and least processed of all teas. Depending on the particular style of white tea it will be made up entirely of the new growth and bud (silver needle style) from the tea plant or a mix of bud and open leaf (white peony style) - both teas we offer. White Tea is less processed than Green Tea and the leaf is simply plucked and air dried. It is not technically oxidised however sometimes the leaf may get damaged during transportation and handling resulting in some oxidisation showing around the outer edges of the leaf.

White tea has a very delicate, sweet subtle flavour with suggestions of honey and peaches – the elegant silver needle is very light while the white peony offers a broader depth of flavour. The beauty of this tea lies in its simplicity. If you are just starting your white tea journey we recommend the white peony to start.

  • 2009 Research from Kingston University in London shows white tea is prized for its anti ageing properties – perhaps we will see even more cosmetic companies including white tea in their formulations. Read about the findings of this study here.
  • Brewed with water just below boiling many of our clients find the same leaves can be steeped several times throughout the day.
  • White tea is delicious hot or cold – for a special party drink offer non alcoholic white tea cocktails – try our recipe for white peony tea with strawberries and basil or white tea pomegranate with raspberries and thyme. See our Recipes page along with Iced Tea Hints and Tips.  

Which White Tea Are You Looking For?

Traditional White Tea Styles then select: Silver Needle (Bai Hao Yin Zhen) or White Peony (Bai Mudan).

Flavoured White Teas then select: White Tea Pomegranate (organically grown)