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We are thrilled when customers take time to contact us about their Stir experience. Here are some of the things they are saying:

08/23 - J, Christchurch -  Best service!  But even better, I just made a pot of my peppermint.  I had purchased another brand at ....... but just not as good.  

08/23 - J, Auckland -  My lovely tea has arrived already. The samples are a great idea - I wouldn't have considered coconut cream if we hadn’t tried a sample and I love the rose earl grey.

03/23 - P, Sydney - Your tea is so good we had to buy more from Australia. We first tried it at Millbrook resort. An excellent product. 

 04/22 - W, Wanaka - I received my order this morning and I wanted to tell you how impressed I am. The tea tastes great and has nice big leaves, we're now fans. The news of your great tea has rippled around my tea drinking friends in Wanaka.

04/22 - I just wanted to tell you that your Coconut Cream black tea is the only drink I break my caffeine free rule for, may I have another packet please.  

08/21 - B, Kapiti Coast - My friend has just received the package I purchased from you... she is blown away. Thanks for going the extra mile!!

08/21 - G, Omarama - Thank you for the stupendous service!!.

07/21 - S, Queenstown - I’m loving your teas by the way.  I had pretty much stopped drinking tea and then started making tea like Mum used to - in a teapot with leaves and tastes so much better and your teas are especially good.

06/21 - K, Te Anau -  Your team are amazing. Your tea is so delicious. It's my wee luxury every morning. 

02/21 - Y, Wellington - Just a quick message to let you know I bought the coconut cream tea from Moore Wilson in Wellington and it is one of the best teas I have ever had.

02/21 - C, Wanaka - Thank you very much for the beautiful presentation of the gift 💚 it's really nice, I loved every little detail. I'd buy there again. Thank you!

01/21 - P & J, Christchurch - We visited the Frankton Market on the 16th Jan searching for your stall as we sampled your English Breakfast tea at the Patagonia cafe in Wanaka. What an amazing brew, since purchased some. If you are after an amazing cuppa then we highly recommend StirTea. We will be regular customers. 


05/20 - N, Cromwell - What a fabulous product and amazing service 😊

05/20 - K, Christchurch - I feel so lucky to have been exposed to your range and I have just put in an order for a whole heap more which I am so excited to get and try! From someone who is a coffee addict, I think I may have found a new love... and I never imagined that coffee could be replaceable! WOW, just WOW!

05/20 - N, Roxburgh - I've just received the most beautiful gift - from my daughter and it is one of your tea gift packs. Wow what an incredibly beautifully presented gift pack. Definitely going to pass it on and order from you too. 

04/20 - L, Hawkes Bay - A Tea BouquetMy order of tea arrived yesterday but I was so busy I have only this morning had time to open the package. What a delight it was! I felt like a kid at Christmas and had the grin to match. While your brand might centre around the perfectly formed umbrella, your tea is like a ray of sunshine, especially in these lock-down days”.

03/20 - N, Alexandra - Thank you very much. I tried the butterfly pea flower and it was wonderful.  Another one to add to.the list of favs.

02/20 - S, Timaru - My order has arrived thanks and i’m in tea heaven!  Thanks so much.



06/19 - R, Christchurch - My tea arrived this morning beautifully packed as usual. Thank you for such great service

06/19 - S, Dunedin - I tried the Peppy mint tea after a massage. Bought some and it is the best peppermint tea I have ever had. Awesome. Thank you.

05/19 - D, Wellington (in response to a photo of the gift wrapped Stir package we sent on their behalf) - That looks amazing! You go beyond what we ask for.. thank you so much!

04/03/19 - J, Dunedin - Thank you for your excellent service and the sample of Darjeeling which I am looking forward to brewing.  I have just tasted the Java black tea which we both found very, very good; light and smooth so we are very pleased with this new tea.

28/02/19 - E, England -  Thank you for your email, and the photo of the gift, it looks perfect! Brilliant customer service, Thank you.

13/01/19 - J, Christchurch - Thank you SO much xxx will be elated - his two 'must haves' to start his day - a cup of 'Stir'English breakfast tea and marmalade for his toast!  I don't know how he managed before we found your fresh teas!



07/10/18 - J, Lumsden - We love the real flavours of your tea leaves.  Thank you so much for prompt delivery of my tea that was ordered. I am very happy and will definitely order more on-line.

19/09/18 - B, Invercargill - I am loving my tea, thank you for the very beautiful packaging and fabulous service.

05/09/18 - K, Australia - We were at Zookeepers in Invercargill today and I had a peppermint tea. It was THE most perfect flavour. It is absolutely the most refreshing peppermint tea I have experienced. 

15/08/18 - T, Napier - I very much love your tea, I shared with my friends, hence my order of a few more bags. 

15/08/18 - N, Queenstown - This is amazing tea thank you so much. 

04/07/18 - D, Christchurch - So happy today - I received my goodies. the quality of your tea is soo good. I recently did a clean out of teas + I had been given two green teas + decided not to buy more green tea until I had finished these ones. I COULDN'T DO IT. I was loosing the will to live with out my Stir Green Tea. Thank you for the lovely tea your give the world.

23/05/18 - A, Invercargill - I received my order of Blood Orange tea and the glass tea pot. I am probably the happiest person in Southland right now. Unpacked the box and I've just had my first pot of tea. Thank you so very much. I am a very happy customer. Here's to many years and cups of stirtea.

26/03/18 - L, Germany - . I discovered your amazing tea during my holidays in Queenstown. I absolutely fell in love with your Coconut Cream Tea, it’s the best tea I have ever tasted, I desperately write this mail to ask you if there is any chance that you can send a package to Germany, too. I hope to hear from you soon and would be so happy if you have good news for me

19/03/18 - T, North Island - I just wanted to say a massive thank you! Words cannot explain how religiously I drink your peppy mint each time I’m craving something sweet to drink or just to chill out! This has honestly changed me and gives me more energy than normal tea or coffee without dairy which helps me soooo much during the day (I’m an early childhood teacher so keeps my brain on track) I just wanted to say I always recommend to others and will continue to! Thank you so much for helping me be a better teacher.

22/01/18 - J, Ashburton - A wee note to say a huge thank you for your thorough & efficient service for my gift order. xxx received her very pretty parcel with my message attached and was thrilled. Thank you so much.


10/11/17 - C, Hamilton - I have recently received my parcel from you and I just wanted to say thank you very much. Not only did the delivery arrive in just a couple of days but it was just so carefully presented and packaged that I felt like it was Christmas already. And it had an extra little treat in there for me as well, which I might add was really delicious. So again, thank you.

07/11/17 - A, Christchurch - The tea is awesome!

17/10/17 - R, Lincoln - My order arrived this morning thank you. Great service and beautifully packed. We have enjoyed Stir Teas for a few years now and love them. Thank you for the rooibos sample. We will have some today.

28/09/17 - N, Australia - I just wanted to say thank you for sending the green tea pear. The packaging was so beautiful and the tea was amazing. It was actually bigger than I expected. Thank you for the wonderful service and fast dispatch. I will definitely order more from you in the future and will recommend you to others.

18/09/17 – S, Queenstown –  I just tried your matcha - I still have some left from xxxx (another brand) that I had - and I can't believe the difference! The xxxx is dark green and so bitter - like medicine. I can hardly drink it. What a pleasant surprise to drink yours! 

19/08/17 – M, Invercargill – I just wanted to say Thank You for the beautiful teas and the surprise extra tea sample. I look forward to ordering more in the future and as gifts for family and friends. 

14/08/17 – J, Gore – I have been bingeing on Coconut Cream over the last few weeks and loving it. Thank you for this amazing flavour. x 

14/08/17 – M, Invercargill – I am so happy to have found out about your teas

31/07/17 – M, Auckland – Thank you for your service. Cannot get through without my Coconut Cream.

29/07/17 – M, Christchurch – Thank you, my order made it’s way to the UK where it will be happily consumed. Of course, the other bag has been squirelled aside for my own drinking pleasure. Thank you for your great service. 

25/07/17 – K, Wellington – Thanks for providing me with the BEST tea in New Zealand. 

09/03/17 – J, Nelson – Thanks for the amazing products and great service.

25/01/17 – M, Christchurch – Thank you so much for another exciting order. One more person to share the Stir Tea love with. Thank you so much.

19/01/17 – L, Gore – Thank you, I will continue to be in tea heaven for 2017. 

18/01/17 –  N, Dunedin – Brilliant packaging and amazing quick service, so glad I came across you at Remarkables Market.

16/01/17 – S, Northland – Thank you for the extra mile service, look forward to sharing the tea with my discerning friends. 

11/01/17 – K, Wellington – Help, Help! Tea desperately needed!! I ran out of Breakfast Baritone and Assam Tea. Please send order, am excited, can’t wait for my next morning cup of Mr Baritone…..have been bereft without him. 


27/11/16 – S, Napier – My order has arrived and is just so gorgeously wrapped that I just had to email you to thank you. Looks amazing and I am sure will taste amazing too. I will sure be ordering more in the future, what fabulous gifts they make, thanks again! 

10/11/16 – K, Warkworth – I’ve run out of tea! If you could send post haste it will hopefully limit my despair! 

09/11/16 – J, Dunedin – Thank you for your excellent, prompt service, the tea arrived this morning. 

07/11/16 – M, Palmerston North – Just a quick thank you for sending our tea so quickly – as usual, fab service! And for the complimentary darjeeling …yummo! Thanks again and we’ll be back in touch for more when the time comes. 

20/09/16 – N, Arrowtown – Am enjoying a small pot of your delicious Earl Grey Blueflower as I type this. It’s terrific and a really nice change from my ordinary routine of afternoon coffee. 

19/08/16 – D, Christchurch – My order has arrived today, I was so excited and have already had a cuppa and the other one is ready for my dear friend, thank you so much. 

01/07/16 – C, Invercargill – Thank you so much for the teas which arrived today. They are beautifully wrapped and will make lovely presents. 

02/06/16 – M, Invercargill – Received my order today, tasted one flavour so far, beautiful. 

31/05/16 – H, Alexandra – My order arrived today, I just wanted to thank you for crafting such an exquisite range, it brings me so much joy! 

30/05/16 – L, Queenstown – Thank you for the tea. Thank goodness – drank the last of the Rose Earl Grey yesterday – have been rationing it.

29/05/16 – J, Auckland – Your company has great customer service, I am very impressed. 

28/03/16 – E, North Island – I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your rose earl grey. The smell is amazing and the taste is sweet and delightful. It makes me happy for the whole day. 

13/03/16 –  I, Central Otago – Just enjoying a yoga chai, the smell is so beautiful that I left the used leaves on a plate in the living room.

11/03/16 – H, Palmerston North – Outstanding world class service. Many thanks for the experience

22/02/16 – T, Auckland - Thank you for how beautifully my friend’s present came. She is now a devotee of the Chocolate Mint. 

16/02/16 – J, China – I tried your tea in Franz Josef, I was having a bad day and your tea helped me carry on, I brought 3 bags of it. We are moving to London in August so hopefully you will ship there – one can dream!

09/02/16 – L, Auckland – Your tea has now become my mum’s special occasion tea with friends. 

20/01/16 – A, Central Otago - Thank you for your great service.

06/01/16 – S, Central Otago - Just wanted to let you know we are enjoying our crimson berry iced tea – so refreshing.


09/12/15 – T, Central Otago  -The apple pie tea is delicious and my 10 year old son is drinking it faster than me.

03/11/15 –  W, Central Otago - I would like to thank your team for the careful packaging and wonderful presentation of your products. It was truly lovely to receive. I have become addicted to the Coconut Cream – it smells divine and has a wonderful taste. I can’t have milk, so to find a tea that I can have is a bonus! 

28/10/15 – G, North Island - I tasted your tea at a cafe in Palmerston North today, Nom Nom!! 

10/10/2015, L North Island - Thank you so much for your lovely tea and sample, it is always a pleasure getting a parcel from you.

01/10/2015 – J, Central Otago - Still loving the tea and so is everyone else that comes here! In fact I think people are planning their visits around a cup of tea.  

15/09/2015 – L, Auckland - I just wanted to say thank you. This was my first time ordering from you and it has been a pleasure. Your customer service was exemplary and the teas I ordered are delicious. Thank you for an excellent tea time! 

 27/08/2015 – S, Queenstown - Your tea makes me de-stress and happy. I am really enjoying them! Every different flavour is sooooooo good! Once again thank you very much. 

14/08/2015 – P, Kapiti Coast - I received my tea today – thank you, I can’t wait to enjoy it. We tried it in a cafe in Queenstown, loved it so brought some home with us – now I can’t drink anything else. Thank you for the bonus Lemon Fruit tea – I have tried that and love that also. Thanks for such a lovely product. 

27/07/2015 – P, Kurow - Thank you for your excellent service ……. and beautiful teas of course. I love them.

22/05/2015 – T, Auckland - Thank you for the teas. Such speedy delivery and they are so delicious.

04/05/2015 – M, Palmerston North - My tea arrived today – thank you!!!!! We LOVE this tea and have moved from our other fave, to your Earl Grey Blueflower as our night time tea like a couple of old nana’s, even though we’re neither. Thanks so much for the little sample packs – looking forward to trying them out.

02/05/2015 – M, Auckland - Have enjoyed some chocolate mint rooibos and it was so delicious I am hooked on it now….

30/04/2015 – L, Queenstown - Your rose earl grey is divine and the sole reason for my sanity!



J, Ashburton - Hi there, I got my delivery of tea and tea bags today, and I was so impressed with the way it was all packed and presented, with the personalised card and free sample etc. What a stand out! Thanks so much, I will enjoy the tea all the more, because it feels like you really care.

C, Blenheim - Once again fantastic service. 

R, Auckland - My order arrived today and I was blown away by the presentation. It was just so lovely to not just receive my parcel so quickly but the lovely hand written card and tea sample really made my day. Thank you for the lovely touches.  

V, Australia - Oh wow, that is beautiful. We brought a bag of coconut tea in Queenstown last year and haven’t stopped talking about it. 

P, New Plymouth - Just like to say that I do so love and appreciate your teas. It’s one of the finer things in life I like to treat myself to.  When we find something special it kind of makes us feel special too. 

C, Wellington - Thanks for the awesome, friendly service! It’s really nice to deal with you

A, Rangiora - Just a quick email to say thank you for the wonderful parcel of goodies received yesterday. The beautiful attention to detail gift wrapping was marvelous. I will highly recommend you to others for your quality and professional service.  

C, North Shore - I keep meaning to send a note regarding the wonderful packaging. I love opening up my orders as it feels like opening a gorgeous gift. I also now have my daughters 8 & 10 requesting the delish herbal teas as they are sitting down with me at the end of the day – a lovely tea ritual. 

R, Wanaka - Great service, great tea. You have just replaced a bunch of flowers. 

S, Alexandra - Have been telling my friends about your lovely teas and of course enjoying them ourselves. Can’t wait until our ….. is finished so we can go onto the Dragonwell

November/ December 2013 Comment Selection:

D, Christchurch - I just wanted to let you know I love, love, love your tea. It is one of my fav times of the day. Many thanks for the work you do in bringing it to us. 

L, Waipa - A comment in response to our question would you like your order giftwrapped? No thanks – it will just take us longer to get into the divine Elegant Grey.

J, Invercargill - OMG!!! The giftwrapping is beautiful and it will be a pleasure to give away as a gift, thank you.  

M, Pokeno - I think your English Breakfast tea is the best I have ever had! I have purchased teas in London (including from Harrods & Fortnum & Mason) and yours is my favourite. I will continue to use your online service and visit your market stand next time I am in Queenstown