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Crimson Berry

Crimson Berry

Crimson Berry

An exquisite crimson infusion bursting with flavour awaits you with this blend of hibiscus, papaya and select berries with a sprinkling of rooibos.

Ingredients: Hibiscus (Bulgaria), papaya cubes (Thailand), currants (Greece), blackcurrants (Poland), elderberries and blueberries (Albania), raspberry and strawberry pieces (Europe), rooibos (South Africa), flavouring (Germany).
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A little more about this caffeine free blend ...

This is a stunning blend which has been with us part of our offering from day one. This caffeine free flavour infusion is a taste sensation.

Try these recipes:

1. Berry layer (our favourite summer dessert).

2. This blend is also magnificent as an iced tea or a jelly base. Try our delicious Berry Bergamot Iced Tea.