Green Tea

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Our range of flavoursome loose leaf green tea is from China and Japan. Read more about what makes a green tea further down the page along with suggestions to help guide you choose the perfect flavour.
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A Small Note On What Makes A Green Tea:

Green tea is a very diverse and exciting category of tea. It results from the leaves of the tea plant (camellia sinensis) being steamed or fired soon after plucking. This process halts the active enzyme leaf oxidising which it would do if left exposed to the air and explains why green tea is described as unoxidised.


The two countries acknowledged as leaders in the production of green tea are China and Japan. The differences in the treatment of the leaf during manufacture, in China the leaf is fired while in Japan the leaf is steamed, explains why the green teas from each country produce such markedly different leaves and liquor.  


The Chinese style of processing produces a tea that is smooth and aromatic while the Japanese steaming process yields a more vegetal flavoured liquor. Both styles of tea are prized for their different characteristics.

Which Green Tea Are You Looking For?

Our range of flavoursome loose-leaf green tea is from China and Japan. Here are some suggestions to assist you:

Blended Green Teas:  Green Tea MintGinseng GreenGreen Tea Pear.

Pure China Green Tea: Jasmine Pearl – hand-rolled individual pearls or the highly revered Dragonwell Longjing.

Pure Japanese Green Tea : Japanese Sencha – a classic and prized green tea or choose from our new matcha range – traditional Drinking Matcha Usucha – thin tea or use our Culinary Matcha as an ingredient in your recipes. View our matcha accessories here.

Variety Packs - If unsure which Stir Tea blend to choose then try a variety pack.