Earl Grey Rooibos
  • Earl Grey Rooibos

In this caffeine free blend, red rooibos is infused with bergamot flavour to offer a beautiful Earl Grey experience well suited to any time of the day. 


Ingredients: Red Rooibos (97%), Flavouring (3%)


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A little more about this caffeine free blend...

We have released this blend in response to our earl grey loving customers who want to drink their favourite blend right up until bed time or enjoy a relaxed cup of tea after dinner.  This caffeine free version offers a great solution.  


The Red Umbrella means it is part of our Herbals and Fruits range

We use five different coloured umbrellas within our range to help you easily identify the different categories of tea and tisanes that we offer.  Read more about the umbrella connection to tea leaf here.


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