Organic Tea - Are any of your teas organic?

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Where possible we strive to source and offer organic options which we refer to on our website as organically grown.  The reason for this description is because our packing house in Queenstown is not organically certified and even though we work with strict protocols around packing  we are unable to offer full organic certification.

The list of organically grown blends we offer include:

Blended Black Teas:  English Breakfast,  Earl Grey Supreme, Elegant Grey, Ginger Peach, Masala Chai, Rose Earl Grey, Soursop Black

Single Estate Black Teas: Darjeeling, Java Black

Green Teas: Gentle Green, Green Tea Lemon, Green Tea Pear, Green Tea Mint (70% organically grown ingredients)

White Teas: White Tea Pomegranate

Herbals and Fruits (caffeine free):  Chamomile Garden, Ginger Lemon, Spiced Rooibos, Pure Rooibos - both Green and Red, Yoga Flow

Please note this list is accurate as at 01 May 2019.  There may be some seasonal fluctuations in our ability to source organic so please refer to each individual blend description for confirmation.

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