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Soursop Black

  • Soursop Black
Apologies but we have now sold out of this blend. Please send us an email via our contacts page if you would like us to be in touch once new stock arrives. Sorry for an inconvenience.

Enjoy this delicious and naturally sweet blend of organically grown black tea from Sri Lanka infused with fragrant soursop fruit flavour and sprinkled with rosehip shells.

Ingredients: Organically grown loose leaf black tea (Sri Lanka), natural soursop flavour (Australia), rosehip shells (Germany).
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A little more about this tea ...

We have developed this blend as part of a new relationship with an organic tea garden from Sri Lanka, we hope you enjoy it. 

This is a magical combination. Because of the depth of flavour it is also a great ice tea base. Because of its natural sweetness if you are wanting to quit sugar in your black tea then this is the blend for you.

It can be enjoyed with or without milk.