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Ginger Lemon Twist

  • Ginger Lemon Twist
Enjoy this sweet, warming blend full of the goodness of lemon, ginger and liquorice with a touch of spearmint.

Ingredients: Organically grown ginger (Indonesia), lemongrass (Egypt), lemon peel (Ghana), liquorice (Uzebekistan), spearmint (Egypt).

05/19 - This blend was previously called Ginger Lemon but we wanted to communicate more clearly that it also contained other elements, hence adding Twist to the name. The blend is unchanged.

If you have any aversion to liquorice then we suggest you consider an alternative lemon blend such as heavenly lemon.
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A little more about this caffeine free blend ...

As well as tasting great the ingredients in this blend may offer a soothing natural remedy.  These might include: 


Liquorice (also known as sweet root)  which adds a real sweetness to it without dominating it.   This is an important herb in traditional Chinese Medicine and is often used to soothe the stomach, cleanse the respiratory system and give relief to the adrenal gland.

Ginger aids circulation, settles nausea and stomach aches and has the ability to make you feel good all over.


This blend is also outstanding iced – one of our customers described it as being like "ginger beer without the bubbles".