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Stock Updates - Read about our new blends, stock arrivals and new harvests

Stock Updates - Read about our new blends, stock arrivals and new harvests

October 2019: 

This month our spotlight falls on white tea and we shall be posting a blog article around this.  All online orders can select from the following samples:

  • Complimentary Sample - Choose from White Tea Pomegranate or Green Tea Mint

We are busy packing tea as we prepare to kick off our Market Season with Remarkables Market at Labour weekend.  Hope to see you there.

September 2019:

This  month our spotlight falls on Earl Grey, this much loved blend.  

  • Complimentary Sample - Choose from Earl Grey Supreme or All Day Rooibos

August 2019:

  • Complimentary Sample - Choose from Green Tea Lemon or Green Tea Pear

July 2019:

  • Packaging - after 12 months of research we are in the final stages of testing our new white bags with a more environmentally friendly foot print.  Over the coming months your order may contain a mix of new white and previous silver foil bags as we transition fully to the new bags.
  • We now offer our tea caddies in matt silver and matt white.  A number of customers purchase our larger discounted bags and then use the tea caddies to store their weekly tea leaf requirements.
  • We hold good stock of all teas and blends.
  • Complimentary Sample - Tisane of the moment - Spiced Rooibos and All Day Rooibos 

June 2019:

  • Choose your preferred sample - we have added a feature to our online checkout process where you get to choose your preferrred sample from a changing monthly offering. 
  • New Black Tea Release - Cinnamon Apple - we have made this one of the tea of the moment selections, so you can choose to receive a omplimentary sample with your tea order if you would like to try it.
  • Back in Stock - Earl Grey Blueflower
  • Tea of the Moment - Apple Pie and Cinnamon Apple

May 2019:

  • 11/05/19 - New matcha stock directly from Uji in Japan has arrived today
  • 01/05/19 Tea of the moment - Yoga Flow - receive a complimentary sample with your tea order 

Posted: Sunday 30 June 2019