White Peony - Bai Mudan (China)

White Peony - Bai Mudan (China)
  • White Peony - Bai Mudan (China)

This white loose leaf tea is composed of open leaf blended with delicate silver down covered buds. It offers a light coloured liquor with a very subtle and elegant flavour. Often tea drinkers will get a faint hint of honeysuckle and white grape off the brewed liquor.


Ingredients: White loose leaf tea from China.

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A little more about this tea ...

If you are starting on your white tea journey we recommend this is a great place to begin.  Everything about white teas is delicate however the flavour of this pure tea is broader than the silver needle so it is a lovely introduction.  

We recommend it is served without milk.

At Stir we use different coloured umbrellas to help you easily identify the categories of tea and tisanes we offer.  Our White Teas are represented by a White Umbrella.  You can read more about the other umbrella colours we use and their connection to tea leaf here.