I want to go caffeine free, where do I start?

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If you are having difficulty sleeping, perhaps you feel your heart racing after a cup of tea or you just do not like the taste of tea then view our red umbrella selection, the Herbals and Fruits range. This range does not contain any camellia sinensis (tea leaf) and so is caffeine free. 


For sleeping difficulties or just to relax consider Chamomile Garden or the pure Chamomile Flower. For digestion or taking after a meal Peppy Mint. Settle your tummy with the flavoursome Spiced Rooibos, warm your body throughout with a cup of Ginger Lemon, satisfy those sweet cravings with some Apple Pie or Chocolate Mint Rooibos, feel refreshed with Heavenly Lemon or enjoy the taste sensation of Crimson Berry or the beautifully rounded combination of Blood Orange.


A special little note on Decaf tea. This is different concept again to our herbals and fruits range. Studies suggest that much of the caffeine is released from tea leaf (camellia sinensis) in the first 30 seconds of steeping the leaf. So if you brew for this length of time, pour off the liquor and then brew again as normal you will have removed a significant part of the caffeine from your drink. For 100% caffeine free choose from our herbals and fruits range.

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