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Here are some tea related articles which we have written or come upon that we hope you enjoy reading.

  • Milk First or Milk Second - Does it alter the taste?
    This simple question evokes strong responses. We recreated a scaled-down version of a pioneering 1935 experiment to see for ourselves.
    Posted: Saturday 4 May 2024
  • Refresher Roast
    If you have a packet of tea in your cupboard that is well past its best-before (BBF), why not try a refresher roast.
    Posted: Wednesday 9 August 2023
  • Banana - A Natural Tea Sweetener
    The Stir team were curious to find out if a banana boiled in water might work as a natural sweetener for tea?
    Posted: Tuesday 30 August 2022
  • It's All About the Water
    When bad things happen to good teas, it’s generally the water that’s the problem. Yes – the water!

    When brewing tea, many of us don’t give much thought to (1) what type of water to use, (2) how hot it should be, and (3) how long to steep tea before serving it.

    Truth is, these 3 factors have a substantial impact on the taste, aroma, and flavours of tea.

    Your choices here can make the difference between your brewed green tea being a smooth and fresh pleasure of flavours or not. Read more about how water impacts your tea experience in this article written by Peter Keen.
    Posted: Thursday 26 August 2021
  • Does Your Teacup Shape Influence Your Tea Drinking Experience?
    In part two of our series on teacups, we look into whether or not the shape, size and material of your teacup can have an influence on your tea drinking experience.
    Posted: Tuesday 1 September 2020
  • What Plant Based Milk is a Good Alternative to Cow’s Milk in My Black Tea?
    Milk helps induce sleep, fortifies the nervous system and is rich in proteins and minerals.
    Increasingly tea drinkers who are trying to reduce or eliminate dairy from their diet are asking us for a plant based milk alternative. We decided the best way to answer this was to test it for ourselves. So, we set aside an afternoon to run a blind tasting with five non-dairy plant based milk alternatives.
    Posted: Friday 7 June 2019