Peppermint - What The Science Says

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Peppermint - What The Science Says

You may have heard that peppermint has qualities that can aid in digestion, there has been a lot of research into its full range of benefits.  


Below you will find a link to a scientific overview of peppermint prepared by the American Botanical Council. There are 3 parts to their report - the clincial overview (pages 1 - 2, a great place to start), the patient information sheet (pages 3 - 4) and the extensive technical reporting outlined in the monograph (pages 5 -12).  


Peppermint - Overview From American Botanical Council


Stir Tea is a proud member of the American Botanical Council. 


Stir Tea offers Peppymint tisane (caffeine free), available in a variety of bag sizes, which can be found under Herbals & Fruits, the red umbrella. 


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Posted: Monday 1 November 2021