Peppermint - What The Science Says

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Peppermint - What The Science Says

You may have heard of Peppermint as having qualities that aid in digestion and there has been a lot of research into its full range of benefits.  

You may have heard words like antioxidants and immune building properties used by tea drinkers to describe some of the reasons they drink tea. 

Below you will find a link to a scientific overview of peppermint prepared by the American Botanical Council. There are 3 parts to their report - the clincial overview (pages 1 - 2, a great place to start), the patient information sheet (pages 3 - 4) and the extensive technical reporting outlined in the monograph (pages 5 -12).  


Peppermint - Overview From American Botanical Council


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Posted: Friday 31 December 2021