Camellia Sinensis - What The Science Says

There are many reasons why people drink tea.  Some drink it purely because they love the taste.  Others feel benefit from the simple ritual of preparing their cuppa or how they feel tea contributes positively to their lifestyle.  Often they may use words like antioxidants and immune building properties in the same sentence when they describe the choices they make.     


There has been extensive research into the full range of benefits that might be associated with tea leaf (camellia sinensis).  If you want to dive deep into this subject then below you will find a link to a scientific overview of camellia sinensis prepared by the American Botanical Council. There are 3 parts to their report - the clinical overview (pages 1 - 2, a great place to start), the patient information sheet (pages 3) and the extensive technical reporting outlined in the monograph (pages 4 - 15).   


Black and Green Tea Overview from American Botanical Council


Stir Tea is a proud member of the American Botanical Council.  


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Posted: Friday 15 October 2021