Chamomile - What The Science Says

Words like relaxing and calming are often used to describe chamomile.  You may have even heard it referred to as the sleepy tea (tisane) and there has been a lot of research into its full range of benefits.   


Below you will find a link to a scientific overview of chamomile prepared by the American Botanical Council.  There are 3 parts to their report - the clinical overview (pages 1 - 2, a great place to start), the patient information sheet (pages 3 - 4) and the extensive technical reporting outlined in the monograph.  


Chamomile - Overview from the American Botanical Council


Stir Tea is a proud member of the American Botanical Council.  


Stir Tea offers two Chamomile Tisanes (caffeine free); Pure Chamomile Flower and Chamomilie Garden.

These can all be found under Herbals & Fruits, the red umbrella. 


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Posted: Wednesday 13 October 2021