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Complimentary Tea of the Moment Sample with Your Online Order

Complimentary Tea of the Moment Sample with Your Online Order

Enjoy a pot of tea on us - you will find a complimentary sample included with your online order. 


As part of the ordering checkout process you get to choose your preferred option from a sample selection we offer.  That selection will be based around something that we are celebrating at the time at Stir - perhaps a seasonal tea, a beautiful pairing of tea with fruit or spice or just a favourite we want to share.  The selection changes around every 4 - 5 weeks.


There is enough for a few cups or you may choose to pass your sample on to a tea loving friend or workmate. The cute wooden peg attached can be used to hold the bag closed so you can enjoy some tea right away and save some for later. 


Current Tea of the Moment - Select from either:

December 2019: Peppy Mint


Previous Tea of the Moment Samples:

November 2019 - Cucumber Melon Green Tea

October 2019 - White Tea Pomegranate

September 2019 - All Day Rooibos

August 2019 - Green Tea Lemon

July 2019 - Spiced Rooibos or All Day Rooibos (both caffeine free)

June 2019 - Our New Black Tea Cinnamon Apple or the Caffeine Free Apple Pie

April/May 2019 - Yoga Flow (caffeine free)

March/April 2019 - Java Black - Single Estate Black Tea

December/January/February  2019 - Blood Orange

Late October/November 18 - Chamomile Garden

October 2018 - Earl Grey Supreme

September 2018 - Japanese Genmaicha

Mid July/August  2018 - Peppy Mint

June 2018 - Masala Chai (spiced black tea)

May/ mid June 2018 - Dragonwell, Pure Green Tea

May 2018 - Green Tea Pear

April 2018 - Earl Grey Supreme

March 2018 - Chocolate Mint Rooibos

Posted: Thursday 28 March 2019