How else can I incorporate tea into my lifestyle - cook/entertain/pamper/nourish?

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Cook with tea - perhaps go a little savoury and  use it for a meat seasoning, a marinade or a tea smoked salmon.  Maybe use leftover brewed liquor as a smoothie base or to soak your porridge or muesli. Try the Tea Umami Savoury Sauce for vegetables.

Bake with tea  – Go a little sweet and enjoy the interesting texture of dry leaf in baking – perhaps a chai shortbread or use surplus brewed liquor for soaking dried fruit to use in a tea loaf. 

Entertain with tea – Enjoy the simple act of sharing a pot of tea with someone or plan a fun tea party where you pair the tea with food. Scale your tea party up for a junior birthday with iced tea and tea favours to take home or an elegant adult get together.

Try pairing your tea selection with cheese, chocolates or as one of our clients did smoke alternate batches of salmon using different teas and then host a tasting party. Read this interesting article on Tea and Food Pairing which appeared in the August 2014 issue of Fresh Cup Magazine.

Pamper with tea  – Incorporate it into your beauty care regime – relieve puffy or tired eyes with spent cold tea bags, soak tired feet in a surplus Peppy Mint brew, soak in a Chamomile Flower bath, feed your skin with a green tea spritz toner or a white tea face cream.

Nourish with tea –  the simple act of drinking good tea nourishes your body and mind. Read the latest overview on research on the potential health benefit of tea produced by the Tea Council of the USA including tea's role in: Cardiovascular Heath, Cancer Risk Reduction, Nuerological Health, Diabetes & Blood Sugar, Immune Function, Oral Health, Osteoporosis.

On our recipes page we share some of our favourite recipes – some use tea as an ingredient or others are the perfect little something to accompany a cup of Stir Tea. Happy Tea Times.

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