I have heard that tea is really good for you. What are some of the health benefits?

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Throughout history tea has been believed to help "purify the body" and "preserve the mind".  We have listed a link below to a rather comprehensive report but there are numerous studies citing its key role in aiding good health.  Our biggest health tip is …. Find the tea you love, create some space in your day for your tea ritual and claim it as your own, enjoy every sip. 

Read the latest overview on research on the potential health benefit of tea produced by the Tea Council of the USA including tea's role in : Cardiovascular Heath, Cancer Risk Reduction, Nuerological Health, Diabetes & Blood Sugar, Immune Function, Oral Health, Osteoporosis

Some scientists believe that tea's beneficial effects may be the result of the naturally occurring compounds in tea called flavonoids, which have antioxidant properties. In the body, antioxidants are believed to work to neutralize harmful molecules called free radicals that, over time, can damage cells and tissues and contribute to chronic disease. Interestingly, laboratory research indicates that tea has similar or higher antioxidant power than many fruits and vegetables.

While tea should not be considered a substitute for fruits and vegetables, it may be a valuable addition to a healthy, well-balanced diet. Studies suggest that the flavonoids and other natural components in tea may also be beneficial in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system and supporting dental health.

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