White Tea Pomegranate

White Tea Pomegranate
  • White Tea Pomegranate
04/24 Apologies but this blend has been discontinued. Sorry for any inconvenience it may cause you.

A masterful blend of organically grown ingredients including white tea from Sri Lanka instilled with natural pomegranate flavour that delivers a delicious and refreshing cup.  These leaves can be infused multiple times.  


Ingredients: Organically grown - White loose leaf tea (90%), Rosehip shells, Safflower petals, Natural pomegranate flavouring (2%).


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A little more about this tea ...

Like all white teas we recommend you brew with water below boiling.

This tea is also delicious enjoyed as an iced tea with a mix of strawberries and basil.


Multiple infusions

To extract all the goodness from these leaves we recommend that you infuse them multiple times over the course of the day.  Simply extend the steep time of each subsequent infusion and ensure all the liquid is drained off the leaves each time.


More than just a beverage - what science tells us  

There has been extensive research into the full range of benefits that might be associated with tea leaf (camellia sinensis), if you are interested to know more about the science click here


The White Umbrella means it is part of our White Tea range

We use five different coloured umbrellas within our range to help you easily identify the different categories of tea and tisanes that we offer.  Read more about the umbrella connection to tea leaf here.


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