Japanese Genmaicha

Japanese Genmaicha
  • Japanese Genmaicha

A Japanese classic of roasted brown rice and green tea leaf gives this sustaining blend a toasted aroma and nutty character.


Ingredients: Green loose leaf tea (Japan), roasted, and some popped, brown rice (Japan).


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A little more about this tea ...

Sometimes referred to as popcorn tea,  this aromatic brewed liquor offers a useful way for coffee drinkers or first time green tea drinkers to explore the world of green tea.  It is hearty and very satisfying.  The response of one of our customers on first trying this tea was:

"Yum, I feel like I have just had a meal".

At Stir we use different coloured umbrellas to help you easily identify the categories of tea and tisanes we offer.  Our Green Teas are represented by a Green Umbrella.  You can read more about the other umbrella colours we use and their connection to tea leaf here.