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Earl Grey Blue

  • Earl Grey Blue
If you are looking for a traditional Earl Grey that has a richness and depth of flavour to it then try this blend of black tea leaves blended with bergamot.

Ingredients: Black tea (India), bergamot flavouring (USA).

This blend was previously known as Earl Grey Blueflower. Unfortunately on our latest shipment we were unable to source blue malva flowers hence the name change.
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A little more about this tea ...

This is our strongest Earl Grey offering which we released in response to customers wanting an even stronger bergamot flavour than is present in our other organically grown Earl Grey options (Earl Grey SupremeRose Earl Grey or Elegant Grey).

So what defines an Earl Grey Blend?

Earl Grey blends are easily recognised by the characteristic aroma of bergamot. This is an essence extracted from the aromatic skin of the bergamot orange which is grown mainly around the coastal areas of Italy. It is the defining taste in any earl grey blend. Blends vary by the amount of bergamot added and the tea base used. Our Earl Grey Blue has bergamot flavouring while the Earl Grey Supreme, Rose Earl Grey and Elegant all contain bergamot oil. If the bergamot aroma seems familiar take a look at the ingredients list on many perfumes and skin care products for both men and women, often you will find it there also.

Some recipes ideas:

Try adding Earl Grey Blue to this delicious Berry Bergamot Iced Tea.