Hearty Breakfast

Hearty  Breakfast
  • Hearty  Breakfast

This tea offers a rich, full-bodied and robust brew. It is our special blend of black tea from Kenya and Keemun created for those tea drinkers who really enjoy a hearty cup of tea. It is well suited to be taken with milk and is perfect for those times during the day when you feel the need to be fortified or sustained. See additional notes below on why we have created this special blend.


Ingredients: Black loose leaf tea from Kenya and China.


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Mid Novmber - apologies for any inconvenience

A little more about this tea ...

We created this new blend in direct response to requests from our tea community for a strong, hearty breakfast tea.  

Our new blend offers a wonderful depth of flavour that can be enjoyed with milk and delivers a brewed liquor colour that tempts the taste buds.

If you are going to add milk we suggest you use a generous measure of tea with a 5 minute steep time.  

At Stir we use different coloured umbrellas to help you easily identify the categories of tea and tisanes we offer.  Our Black Teas are represented by a Blue Umbrella.  You can read more about the other umbrella colours we use and their connection to tea leaf here.

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