How do I brew the perfect cup of tea? View our five simple steps here

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  1. Start with freshly drawn water to produce a more lively cup of tea.
  2. Pre-warm your brewing vessel.
  3. Use the right amount of tea leaf.
    The rule of thumb is 3 grams of dry tea leaf per cup.
    For most black, green and oolong teas generally a heaped teaspoon is ideal per cup. For specialty white teas or tea styles with a bigger leaf then a tablespoon is recommended per cup.
  4. Brew at the optimal water temperature. This varies depending on the type of tea but general guidelines are: Black Tea and Herbal & Fruit Blends - Boiling: Pour water brought to a rolling boil over your leaves. Oolong, Green and White Tea - Below Boiling (82 degrees celsius): Rest a cup of boiled water for around 4 minutes, before pouring over your tea leaves or blend around 15% cold and 85% boiling water and pour across your leaves.
  5. Steep your tea leaves long enough so they can release their aromatic oils and complex flavours: Black Tea: 3 – 5 minutes (if you like your black tea strong or take it with milk then we suggest you are in the 4 – 5 minute range) Green and White Tea: 2 – 4 minutes Herbals & Fruits: 5 minutes or longer


  • Store your tea leaf in an airtight container in a cool dark place away from strong odours. We do not recommend storing it in the fridge.
  • Multiple Steeps: Many of our oolong, green and white tea leaves can be steeped more than once. Using the same leaves, simply extend the steep time of each subsequent infusion. Ensure all liquid is drained off the leaves each time.
  • Specific brew instructions for each Stir Tea are listed on the front of each resealable foil tea pack.
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