What is the best tea for me?

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At Stir we believe every cup of tea should be immensely pleasurable, so the best tea for you is the one you will drink the most of.  The range of health benefits that come with it are an added bonus.

If you are just starting your tea journey then have fun experimenting to discover what flavours you enjoy the most (our variety packs would be a great place to start).   Listen and trust what your body is telling you and how it responds to the brewed liquor, it is very personal. 

A number of our customers enjoy several different flavours throughout the day, depending on their lifestyle.  Many start the day with a hearty black tea, then move to a flavoured black mid morning, a green tea with lunch and then move onto the caffeine free from 3.00pm onwards.  Other customers match their tea choice to their food choice.

We are always happy to offer suggestions on what you might like to try.

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