Single Estate Black Tea

These teas were selected for their special flavour or distinctive regional quality.  If you are unsure which to chose we offer some suggestions further down the page.

From India try the malty Assam or the flavoursome high grown Darjeeling.

From China try the profoundly smoky Lapsang Souchong  or one of our very favourite black teas Yunnan Gold (2017 harvest received 24/08/17) or perhaps the full bodied Yunnan Orange Pekoe.

We hope you enjoy our Single Estate Black Tea Selection.  For our selection of blended black tea favourites including our breakfast and earl grey teas click here:

A small note on what makes a black tea:

Black Tea comes from leaves of the tea plant (camellia sinensis) that have been withered, rolled, oxidised and dried. During rolling the cell structure of the leaves are broken, releasing enzymes that interact with air and cause oxidation. Oxygen changes the leaf's properties and accounts for the darker colours and strong rich flavours characteristic of black teas. It is this oxidation process that makes Black Tea different than Green Tea.

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