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Lapsang Souchong (China)

  • Lapsang Souchong (China)
This black tea from China has a profoundly smoky flavour with a corresponding brisk body. It is an acquired taste with a very loyal and passionate following. Read about also using it in cooking below.

Ingredients: Smoked black tea from China
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A little more about this tea ...

Lapsang Souchong takes on its smoky characteristic when the plucked leaf is exposed to smoke from pine needles during the withering and black tea oxidisation phase. The leaf absorbs and retains the smoky flavour. For many this tea evokes fond memories of brewing billy tea over a camp fire. If you find the intensity of brewed liquor too much then consider using it in your cooking.

Taken straight or sprinkled into your breakfast blend, this tea is not for the faint hearted.  A number of our customers are using this blend as their kombucha base adding some ginger syrup for sweetness.It is also a stunning ingredient to incorporate into your cooking see below for some standout recipes.


Try these recipe suggestions using Lapsang Souchong:

  1. A savoury tea umami sauce - this sauce is absolutely fantastic with any vegetables.
  2. Coconut Bacon - this is delicious sprinkled over soups or vegetables also.
  3. Hot Toddy - brewed lapsang souchong is the perfect base for this warming drink
  4. Marbled Tea Eggs - a striking addition to any meal.