Spring Mesh Tong
  • Spring Mesh Tong

This is a great solution for when you can't access a teapot. The mesh ball is a really generous size for a large mug or cup of tea so it can take a good measure of tea and still have enough room around the leaf for the water to circulate and brew a flavoursome cup.


The long handles are spring loaded so you just apply some pressure to open the mesh ball and insert your leaf. Place the ball in your brewing vessel and pour the water over it. When your tea has brewed you can stir your liquor with your tongs and then remove them to stop it brewing. Disposing of the used leaves is very simple, just apply pressure to the handle to open the tongs and the wet leaf will fall out. It is clean and simple.


Tip:  Do not overfill the mesh ball.  Leave enough room for your dry tea leaves to fully expand and release their flavour as they steep in the water.  

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Brewing Tip: To ensure you extract as much flavour as possible from your tea leaf we suggest you pre-warm your cup (rinse with boiling water). To keep the water at hot as possible during the brew process pop a cover of some kind over the top of the cup (we generally use the mesh tongs when brewing in a large mug so we just turn another mug upside down on top of the infuser handles during the brewing process).

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