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Rose Earl Grey

  • Rose Earl Grey
A perfect marriage of black tea leaves from India with delicate rose petals and bergamot delivers an exquisitely balanced and flavour filled cup.

Ingredients: Organically grown loose leaf black tea (India), rose petals (Morocco), natural bergamot and rose flavours (Germany).
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A little more about this tea ...

Earl Grey shows their feminine side in this beautiful blend.  It is well suited to anyone who wants to add some floral notes to their bergamot.

The colour of the rose petal pieces in this popular blend can vary from the picture shown and might be red, pink or cream (or a mix of these).

Other Stir Tea Blends that include bergamot:  Earl Grey Blueflower, and the organically grown blends of Earl Grey Supreme and Elegant Grey.

What defines an Earl Grey Blend?

Earl Grey blends are easily recognised by the characteristic aroma of bergamot.  This is an essence extracted from the aromatic skin of the bergamot orange which is grown mainly around the coastal areas of Italy.  It is the defining taste in any earl grey blend.  Blends vary by the amount of bergamot added and the tea base used.  Our Earl Grey Blueflower for example has more bergamot than the Earl Grey Supreme.   If the bergamot aroma seems familiar take a look at the ingredients list on many perfumes and skin care products for both men and women, often  you will find it there also.

Recipe Idea:

Try adding Rose Earl Grey to our delicious Berry Bergamot Iced Tea or  to our Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies