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Black Tea Rose

  • Black Tea Rose
This tea is a timeless and fragrant blend of black tea and rose. It is perfect for when you want a cuppa that is sweet and comforting. It looks visually stunning and has a lovely depth of flavour.

This black tea is delicious taken with or without milk. We suggest simply extending the brewing time from 3 to 5 minutes if adding milk.

Ingredients: Black tea (China), rose petals (Pakistan), rose buds (China), rose flavouring (USA).
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A little more about this tea ..... 

There is something very special about the fragrant nature of this tea that triggers a strong memory among tea lovers of people or place.  One customer standing with her father smelt this tea and both affectionately exclaimed  - "Smells just like grandmama".  Other flower loving customers enjoy the sensory experience of it and feel like they are transported into their flower garden.  For Michelle, our director, a cup of this tea takes her straight back to a tea shop in Shanghai.