Cucumber and Mint Green Tea

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Cucumber and Mint Green Tea

This is a fabulous iced tea to enjoy over the summer months.  We find it generally elicits the same reaction from those that taste it  "that is so refreshing and delicious".  The image shows this Donna Hay inspired recipe  prepared using our pure green tea, Dragonwell.  Japanese Sencha or Gentle Green would also work well.  It is also a great way to extend your tea leaves by using the second steep of these brewed leaves.  


Prep time (excluding time to chill brewed green tea): 10 minutes 




1 cucumber, chopped 

¼ cup (4 gms) mint leaves  

⅓ cup (80 ml) lemon juice

1.5 litres (6 cups) freshly brewed green tea, chilled

2 tablespoons honey (Stir note - we found it helpful to dissolve the honey in a little of the freshly brewed tea)

Sliced baby cucumbers, extra, to serve

Mint leaves, extra, to serve 



  1. Place the cucumber, mint and lemon juice in a blender, blend until smooth

  2. Press the mixture through a sieve into a large jug, discarding any solids

  3. Add the cooled brewed tea, stir to combine and add honey to taste 

  4. Pour the tea over ice into serving glasses, and add extra cucumber and mint leave to serve

  5. Keep the tea refrigerated for up to two days

This recipe is from a cookbook we really enjoy by celebrated Australian foodie and author Donna Hay.  It is called:  Super fast meals to make you feel good