Blood Orange

Blood Orange
  • Blood Orange

This succulent combination of fruit and red rooibos delivers a refreshing caffeine free infusion with a good measure of Vitamin C. It is a beautifully rounded blend.


Ingredients: Apple pieces (Turkey), hibiscus (Sudan), rosehip shells (Chile), orange peel (Turkey), orange pieces (Brazil), safflower (China), red rooibos (South Africa), natural flavouring (Germany).

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A little more about this caffeine free blend ...

This blend is popular with all ages and offers a beautifully rounded drink which can be enjoyed throughout the day. 

Many of our customers brew a large amount at breakfast to enjoy as a hot beverage and then just sip on it throughout day as a cold beverage.

The combination of rosehip and hibiscus can offer a natural anti-inflammatory which may be helpful in lowering blood pressure.  Hibiscus can also support the liver and orange peel may help increase metabolism.

At Stir we use different coloured umbrellas to help you easily identify the categories of tea and tisanes we offer.  Our caffeine free Herbals and Fruits range are represented by a Red Umbrella.  You can read more about the other umbrella colours we use and their connection to tea leaf here.