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What is Stir Tea?

It is the private label tea range of New Zealand based company, Tea Global Ltd.   It has been part of the NZ tea scene since May 2008.

We source and import tea  from the main tea growing regions of the world.  The tea is then packaged and further quality controlled at our premises in Queenstown, Central Otago.  Read at the bottom of this page why our range is called Stir Tea and what the umbrella connection is.

What we offer you?

A selection of high quality loose leaf tea and caffeine free herbal and fruit blends.  We honour the traditions and craft of tea while still continuing to develop new and exciting blends.

To ensure our tea remains as fresh as possible we package it in resealable foil packs with our umbrella logo displayed on the front.

In addition to outstanding tea we are constantly striving to offer you great service.  We really care about your tea experience.

Who are the Stir Tea Team that will assist you?

Michelle Casson (pictured)  leads a long standing and enthusiastic group.

Michelle developed and established Stir Tea.  She has a thirst for all things tea and after a 25 year career in chartered accountancy she decided to go back to school – Tea School.  She has studied the technical elements of tea extensively with the Specialty Tea Institute of America for a number of years, completing their Level 7 exams,.  She remains humbled by how much more there is to learn about the second most consumed beverage in the world – tea.  Her quest for knowledge is an ongoing journey.

While she is fascinated by the technical elements of tea she loves nothing more than sharing a pot of tea with friends and customers and hearing their tea stories. 

Why our tea is called Stir Tea?

Stir … to rouse from a sleep.

There are many steps along the journey of the tea leaf that result in the final cup that you enjoy.  We took our inspiration for our name from that moment when you pour the water across the leaf to make your cup of tea.  The highly skilled tea master has put the leaves to sleep as part of their craft,  you are awakening the leaves, rousing them from their sleep so they can release their goodness and flavour in your cup.

Stir … to make active

We also appreciate the rejuvenating effect a great cup of tea can have on you, quenching your thirst but also stimulating you into action.

Why have we used an umbrella in our logo?Stir Tea Umbrellas

The Stir Tea logo incorporates an umbrella with a different colour for each class of tea.  Umbrellas are very closely linked with tea, originating in China the birthplace of tea.  They are also a very common sight in tea gardens offering protection from the sun or rain.

We also love the simplicity and form of the umbrella.  We  think it is pure, fresh and beautifully balanced – the same elements we are committed to deliver to you in each cup of our tea.

Michelle and the Stir Tea Team - committed to offering you a great tea experience.

We invite you to purchase loose leaf tea and accessories online from Stir Tea, the boutique New Zealand specialty tea company that delivers great quality leaf that is fresh, full of flavour and satisfying.

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